Product advantage

The research and development of fabrics and quality control in pursuit of perfection is the key to success of products. Adhering to the promise to provide children with the most healthy and comfortable garments, Annil mainly uses comfortable cotton while using other supplementary materials such as silk, wool and blended fabrics. It conducts tracking and monitoring control through the process from selection of fabric yarns to weaving, dyeing and processing of finished products. The printing and dyeing adopt environment friendly dyes. It has always paid a high attention to the research and development of fabrics and innovation of processes. Through the fit-to-the-body care, it brings different comfort to the children.

Quality Control Procedure

Annil always uses cotton cloth with relatively thin yarns but with a relatively high cost. With a same thickness of fabrics, the finer the cotton yarn used, the better it will be in softness, ventilation and wear resistance. The finer cotton yarns have a higher requirement on quality of cotton. High-quality cotton naturally can produce garment products of a higher quality.

Starting from production of fabrics, professional technicians of Quality Control Department of Annil in the factory track and test the products in several links through the process to ensure that there’s no pollution to the raw materials and production process.

After fabrics are purchased, they will be sent for inspection timely. Annil won’t allow them to the next production step until they are confirmed totally qualified by the authoritative body.

In the course of processing and tailoring, Annil has always assigned personnel to settle in the factory to track, monitor and control it through the process, to ensure no secondary pollution in the course of tailoring;

After the production of finished garments is finished, Annil will send the garments for another inspection, to ensure that the inspection results meet the related standard.

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