Growth Process

In 1996, “Annil kidswear shop”,predecess of the Company,opened to business in shenzhen women’s world shopping mall;

In 1999, Launched the branding strategy for the registered trademark “Annil”;

In 2000, Speeded up promotion of the brand in the form of franchisees;

In 2001, Introduced the CI concept,and established a uniform “Annil” image at all outlets;

In 2002, Became rhe first enterprise in the kid’s wear industry in China obtaining ISO9001;2000QA cerlificate; Established the membership system for the customers;

In 2003, Help the 1st “Annil Angel Model Competition” Made donations for poverty-stricken kids in Guizhou,jiujiang earthquake-hie area and sichuan flood hie area;

In 2004, Became the first enterprise in the kid’s wear industry in shenzhen obtaining cerlificate of ISO14024 Environment Labels&Declarations-Type I Environmental Labeling;

In 2005, Marched into the global market; The number of nationwide franchised counters and shops exceeded 300,and the number of members exceeded 10,000;

In 2006, Became the first local kid’s wear enterprise participating in drafting of wear for primary and Middle School Students;Requirements of the Materials and products issued by the shenzhen Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau; The number of nationwide franchised counter and shops exceeded 400;

In 2007, Obtained cerlificate of ISO 14025 Environmental Labels & Declarations Type III Environmental Declarations; As a representative of kid’s wear brands in shenzhen, attended “Splendid South Land” shenzhen Exhibitor Delegation press conference, and appeared at CHIC Beijing; The number of nationwide franchised counters and shops exceeded 500;

In 2008, As chairman of shenzhen committee for pregnant women, baby and kid products and representative of kid’s wear brands in shenzhen ,attended the 8th Chian shenzhen int’l Brand Fashion Fair &Pregnant Women, Baby and kid products Fair; Introduced the branding strategy consultation service, visions and brand promotion tag line; Introduced the H.R.performance pay mechanism;Renewed ISO9001:2000 QA certificate; Renewed Mermebership Certificate for China Commodity Barcode systerm; Held the 2nd Annil Display idea Competition; The internal newsletter Rabbit’s View Field was re-designed and released as a public publication; Restructured the organization of the Company, the sales center started to run in the mode of greater region; started distribution of Adidsa products as the first move of multi-brand operation;

In 2009, Restructures the organization,The sales center introduces the model of regional management and a new pay & performance system,broke down the strategic objectives,bulit up a profit-sharing idea,and establishes more resonable performance assessment and profit sharing systems.On sepember 21, the first commercial landed on CCTV.The number of Annil shops &counters nationwide exceeded 700,was listed by the shenzhen Futian Bureau for Trade & Industry as a “growth sustaining enterprise in the modern commercial & trading industry” and an “excellent exhibition participant”;

In 2010, The number of Annil shops & couters nationwide exceeded 800,and the number of members 50,000;

In 2011, Diversified and colorful activities were held to integrate learning and entertainment and enrich the potentials of children with mothers, such as the first “I Have a Date with Rabbit” Annil National Parent-Child Painting Contest, the road show themed on “Boundless Art, Comfort for Children”, “DIY Creativity, Love in Cloth” member activity, “Santa Claus Sending Gifts Home”, Little Angel Talent and Skill Contest, and “Rabbit Inspiration” Artistic Show; the sixth Annil member “Rabbit Camp” was held across China, in which the members shared an intimate moment with the rabbit;

In 2012, The company rolled out garments for infants and young children aged between 0 and 3 for the first time; as a principal drafting unit, it participated in the formulation of industrial standard for Knitted Garments for Children with National Technical Committee for Textile Standardization; it had nearly 1400 counters and franchised stores and as many as 140 thousand members across China;

In 2013, The dedicated image for franchised stores of Annil garments for infants and children was officially released; it participated in the 13rd Shanghai CBME Show; it had nearly 1500 counters and franchised stores and over 200 thousand members across China.

In 2014, it held a parent-children painting exhibition of Annil 2014 themed as "Together" jointly with Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum , a state level art museum for the first time. 

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