Company Profile

Shenzhen Annil LLC is a garment enterprise specializing in design and business of mid-and-high rank children’s garments. The company has created Annil, a famous brand of children’s garment by adhering to the design philosophy of using green and environment-friendly fabrics, adopting simple and novel styles, making the garments comfortable and graceful to wear and endowing the children with genuineness.


Dating back to 1996, the brand of Annil is committed to providing children within 12 years old with comfortable garments, adhering to the design styles of elegance, exquisiteness and comfort, with an aim to bring childhood innocence back to the children and offer them “a different feel of comfort”.


Sticking to the commitment to provide children with most comfortable garments, Annil has always used the best fabrics, adopted a full-course quality monitoring from selection of raw materials to finished products, to ensure that each garment has a splendid quality and offers health and care to the children.


Developing up to date, the company’s business has covered the whole country and extended overseas, with nearly 1500 stores and over 200 thousand members. The company will keep enhancing the capabilities of business management and research and development, provide original designs to show the truest side of children and let each child enjoy a comfortable childhood.

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